Teaching teens to drive safely


Honeywell committed more than $40,000 to bring the B.R.A.K.E.S. program back to Kansas City in October 2018. B.R.A.K.E.S., which stands for Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe, is a defensive driving program designed to prevent accidents.

Consider the statistics:

  • Car crashes are the number one killer of teens aged 16-19, with 2,200 teens dying each year.

  • 220,000 more teens go to the emergency room due to car accidents.

  • Among passengers of all ages, 20 percent of fatalities occur when a teen driver is at the wheel.

Honeywell made it possible for, not only children of employees, but also more than 400 teens to experience the program, including students in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship program.

The B.R.A.K.E.S. program teaches teens how to control a vehicle during hard stops, icy conditions, spins, and more. Check out the comments from participants and their parents.

I enjoyed the parent course. It gave me tips and new tricks to driving safer. The supporting volunteers/ staff were so amazing with general conversation and knowledge. I really hope I can do this for my son in the next year or two at the Speedway. This program shows that the company cares about my biggest assets. Thank you so much!

I loved that they made the program fun, but the teens learned life saving techniques. As a parent I also learned. I enjoyed the hands on driving training and learning how to position my chair and mirrors. So many valuable lessons! I have already told many friends and coworkers about the program. My youngest WILL take this course when she starts to drive. It should be mandatory in schools! Thank you!!!

Honestly, this program couldn't have been better organized and executed. It was well worth missing afternoon classes.

I learned quite a bit and appreciate the work the group does in helping teenagers understand how to react in emergency situations. They also took the time to show the kids (and adults) how to properly sit, how to set your mirrors, and how to correctly hold the wheel. The information on insurance, air bags, and accident prevention were eye opening and very helpful. It was also fun to get to drive on one of the courses!

My child driver is in his second year at KU. We met at the Speedway, and when we were walking in he said to me, "I am the only one in college, this is dumb, I should leave." Three hours later, as I returned his cell phone to him, he said "Thank you, that was really good."