Black Achievers Society award and youth mentorship

Honeywell FM&T continues its support and involvement with the Black Achievers Society. Honeywell has been a partner of the Black Achievers Society since its inception in 1974, and more than 50 current and former Honeywell employees have been inducted into the Society.

The mission of the Black Achievers Society is to “actively respond to the educational, social, and economic needs of the community by providing role models for African Americans and minority youth, sharing knowledge gained through academic and corporate experience.”

The organization was founded by Kansas City Mayor Emanuel Cleaver to honor African Americans in business and industry. Its work includes awarding annual scholarships to area high school seniors and mentoring and internships for area youth.

In 2018, Honeywell employees Offie Adams III and Tamara Gibson were inducted into the Black Achievers Society. Honeywell also has several employees who are officers of the organization.

Honeywell’s Black Achievers are involved in many activities to support the mission, including mentoring students at the Youth Leadership Development Workshop, sponsoring the Youth Scholarship Luncheon, and managing the annual golf tournament that raises funds for youth in the community. The value and hours of volunteer time totaled more than $5,000.