Supporting youth through scholarships

A top priority for Honeywell FM&T’s community program is to advance strategic objectives through supporting workforce development programs and providing scholarships.

Due to a national shortage of skilled laborers, developing the next generation of highly skilled workers is critical not only for the future workforce demands at the Kansas City National Security Campus, but also is a growing need for other manufacturers, construction companies, and industry across the Kansas City community.

Examples include the Black Achievers Engineering Scholarship and the Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education (HOPE) Scholarship program, which focuses on recruiting low- to moderate-income students from urban high schools who plan to pursue training for careers in the manufacturing sector.

HOPE Scholarship

The heart of Honeywell’s workforce development effort is the Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education (HOPE) Scholarship. The program is designed to recruit and develop the next generation of skilled workers and provide rewarding career opportunities to students from economically challenged communities. The scholarships are exclusively for students who plan to pursue careers in manufacturing, skilled trade, or information technology. In addition to the scholarship, the students are also paired with Honeywell mentors for career coaching and support.

In 2018, Honeywell awarded 20 HOPE Scholarships to deserving students in Kansas City and New Mexico. Honeywell also offered a summer internship to Dylan Hernandez, a 2017 HOPE Scholarship recipient. Dylan spent the summer working with engineers on computer simulation and modeling projects.

The HOPE Scholarship program aims to break the cycle of poverty in the urban core by providing youth with the training and mentorship needed to land a high-paying job, without incurring college debt. The HOPE Scholarship provides funding to cover all expenses at community college or trade school, including tuition, fees and books.

Nyeland-Shuth Scholarship

The annual Nyeland-Shuth Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors whose parent or legal guardian is a current or retired Honeywell employee. Applications are evaluated on academic achievement, creativity, leadership, and involvement. In 2018, 10 children of Honeywell employees received $1,000 scholarships to help pay college expenses.